Javier Torres ceramic work ---Petteri--
ceramics ceramics ceramics
Javier Torres
Date of birth 1 october 1963
Place of birth Mexico City
Nationality Mexican, Finnish
2005   The Ends of the Circle S-Galleria, Helsinki, Finland  
2005   The Age of Hope Finnish National Opera (Lobby), Finland  
2003   The Cry of Spring Galleria Septaria, Finalnd  
2003   Finlandia, Pasión Serena Galeria Alterna, Mexico  
2002   Heaven's Skin Galleria Septaria, Finland  
2000   Erotic Tales Galleria Spetaria , Finland  
1999   Fragile Emptiness Galleria Lanterna Magica , Finland  
1999   Jälkiä collective exhibition, Galleria Septaria, Finland  
1996   Three Elements Away Finnish National Opera (Lobby), Finland  
1995   Collective exhibition Septaria Gallery , Finland  
1999   Opened my own ceramic workshop in the Complex “Cable Factory” Finland  

Bronze Sculpture course Tilla Keki , Finland


Clay Decoration course Riitta talonpoika

1993   Graphics in Paper Clay course Eliisa Isoniemi , Finland  
1993   Clay Throwing Irma Weckman, Finland  
1993   Ceramic studies with Brenda Henderson Palmer, U.S.A  
1993   Started working and continues to work under the tuition of Ceramist Irma Weckman at the Septaria Ceramic Center, Finland  
ceramics ceramics of Javier Torres ceramics